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Vertical Slice

TIL about the vertical slice and found a new podcast to explore

Organization Methodology for Information

How I organize my notes and bookmarks to keep information accessible, while not distracting or overloading myself.

How I get things done

How I organize my tasks and focus to get things done, avoid frivolous meetings, and avoide distractions.

Python and Web Development on Windows?!?

My work laptop is currently a Windows 10 PC. I have gone the virtual machine route for Ubuntu within the Hyper-V and Virtual Box Hypervisors. This is a fore into giving local Windows development on Windows a try.

Pre-commit hooks in Python

What they are and how they can help your team achieve more consistency, without added hassle!

Ubuntu 20.04 Virtual Machine with Hyper-V

How to setup an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine on a Windows 10 Host using Hyper-V Manager. This includes changing the resolution and my ubuntu-dev-playbook configuration scripts!

Faster home internet!

How I use a local DNS resolver and ad-blocker for a safer, faster, and private experience at home

Static DNS Entries in EdgeOS for an EdgeRouter 10x

The quick search I did on the internet did not have any pictures and I thought some pictures would really help explain the process. Hopefully this is more helpful for you than a bulleted list...