Static DNS Entries in EdgeOS for an EdgeRouter 10x

EdgeRouter 10X Marketing banner showing the product on the bottom, with the client running on a computer in the background and on phones on the left and right side of the computer

The quick search I did on the internet didn't have any pictures and I thought some pictures would really help explain the process.

Hopefully this is more helpful for you than a bulleted list...

Navigate to the config tree

EdgeMAX UI with arrow pointing to Config Tree Icon In Navigation Bar

Navigate to your router's IP Address and then hit "Config Tree" in the navigation bar

  • click on system, then
  • click on static-host-mapping, then
  • click on host-name

Add an entry in the host-name box, hit Update List when done

EdgeMax showing add hostname form being filled out

Then click on the new entry's right arrow in the config tree.

Arrow showing where to click on the new entries spot in the navigation tree

Click add on both alias and inet. I'm not sure if alias is needed (my guess is it makes a second name mapping)

Location in Navigation Bar EdgeRouter locationn to add alias and inet entries

Add your content into the two boxes and then hit "Preview" on the bottom.

Arrow describing how to Add content for alias and inet and hit Preview

Hit Apply to commit your changes, if you are ready!

Hit the apply button on the popup to commit your changesr

My final configuration is below:

Screenshot of final configuration from this procedure

Demo of DNS entry in use with UnRaidOS Client

Screenshot of Unraid OS Client resolved with new static DNS entry

Edit to use PiHole DNS Manager (2021-02-02)

I recommend using pi-hole's "Local DNS" Feature, rather than the EdgeOS interface. Pi-hole is much simpler and having a recursive DNS server for your home network is a nice piece of mind privacy wise.