Hi there, I'm Ian.

Digital Subsystem Lead, Satellite Payloads at Viasat.


I'm a 31-year-old Systems Engineer living in Phoenix, AZ.

I've had the fortune to work alongside a variety of talented leaders, managers, and peers. They have raised my standards on what can be accomplished together and on what is expected of each other.

With the help of those around me, I have

  • modified custom RFIC designs and tuned their layouts,
  • designed Low Noise Amplifiers and Antennas,
  • matched Integrated Circuits to PWAs in Ansys HFSS, and
  • lead the development of tools to verify satellite payloads.
  • Those experiences have taught me how design tradeoffs, technical complexity, and risk are balanced on engineering programs.

    Cross-Discipline Communication

    I'm a detailed task-oriented person that excels at communicating across disciplines.

    The skills I've learned from others have made me a better engineer. When I don't have the time or am not able to learn the depth of another discipline, I have always tried to understand enough to assess the important takeaways, to know what we need to do next, and if they are getting the support they need.

    What I've been working on

    I am cultivating skills and knowledge beyond my immediate discipline.
    That pursuit has enabled me to see innovative solutions within my discipline and has shown me ways to collaborate and solve complex problems.

    Look at a few of my endeavors that demonstrate my breadth, creativity, and application:

    New Component

    CLI utility for consistently creating styled components for React projects.

    My projects showcase applications of what I've learned in a diverse set variety of areas.

    There is still a lot I don't know. I aim to push myself and to know when it is most efficient to consult the help of those who know more.

    One of my principles is that failing once is acceptable, but not learning from it should not be acceptable.

    I've found that it's healthy to incorporate a believability weighted decision making process, to question the way we've always done things, and to work with driven and capable peers who challenge my assumptions and logic.

    Lets Go Further Together

    Feel free to reach out if you are looking for a systems engineer, have a question, or just want to connect.