I’m Ian Cleary. I live in Phoenix, where I design the future of geostationary communication satellites.

I've loved making things and solving puzzles for as long as I can remember. My bias is towards analytical endevaours, games, and puzzles (my family preferred we play Catch Phrase or Scrabble). Computers and video games brought me up! Math Blasters!, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Halo Combat Evolved.

The only thing I loved more than computers and video games was enjoying them with my older brother. When I was 8, I played all of the Donkey Kong Country games with my brother, occassionally calling on my mom to help us. Eventually, we surpased Donkey Kong and moved on to other pursuits.

Growing up, my family moved around the country for my dad's professional career. I'm grateful for the effort both my parents put in to support my brother and I. Over the course of those years, we explored sports, various subjects at school, and games. I always had the most fun with math, science, and puzzles.

That lead me to AP Calculus and Physics at Brebeuf Jesuit in Indianapolis. Eventually, I followed my parent's footsteps at The University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Today, I'm the digital subsystem lead on Viasat-4, the next generation of geo-stationary satellite payload, following after the Viasat-3 constellation. I'm an avid technologist and enjoy following what is going on in the civilian and government aerospace industries.